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“I initially contacted Andrea Regan because my two and a half year old seemed to be lagging

a little behind her age-mates in regards to her speech. I needed an English speaking

therapist because my daughter is bi-lingual but speaks more English. I decided to contact her

because her website was attractive, clear and concise.

Andrea carried out an assessment on my daughter in the comfort of our home which I found

advantageous in putting my child at ease. Andrea had a very nice manner when working with a child.

I found the report she wrote very detailed and she offered very practical recommendations on how to help my daughter.

I would recommend Andrea to anyone looking for a speech therapist because firstly, she

responds very quickly when you begin the initial contact and this continues throughout. She

is quick to respond to emails and offers a lot of information which is very reassuring to

worried parents such as myself. She is very professional and knowledgeable and a real

pleasure to work with.”

-  C.J., Frankfurt

“I contacted Andrea Regan following the advice of a French-German logopedist with whom

my daughter is in therapy. The objective was to find out whether my daughter’s language

development disorder was limited to French only or whether it was a more global issue,

transcending languages. Andrea came to our home to do a one-off assessment of my

daughter’s speech development in English. She took time to get to know my daughter and

was very motivating during the assessment, making it a fun exercise rather than a forma

l test. The outcome of the test will be used as basis for further therapy options for my daughter

so we are happy to have a comparison between the languages. Andrea is a very professional

person with much patience for children. She is fun to be around and children bond with her easily.

I would recommend Andrea to anyone whose children have speech difficulties and who need a

native professional to assist them with speech therapy.”

 - K.S., Kelkheim

“My daughter was diagnosed with a speech delay. Our referring doctor saw your website and noted that

you had excellent credentials. She suggested we contact you. Our whole family benefited immensely.

We learned to communicate in a different way that encourages our daughter to speak and makes the

language more accessible for her. My daughter enjoys the sessions. She does not realize that it is therapy.

She just thinks that Andrea is coming to play. She is also just tickled when she is able to produce a word successfully.

We love seeing her overcome this challenge. Andrea is kind and astute. She not only works with us directly, she provides

guidance for activities and games that we can continue during the week to reinforce what my daughter is learning.

As she has come to know my daughter she has tailored the activities to include objects and games that she knows my daughter likes.

We appreciate very much this personal approach. Andrea has also been flexible in scheduling and very professional (and timely)

when it comes to billing. We have really enjoyed working with her!”

-T.G. Frankfurt



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