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Andrea Regan

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Who I see

Typically parents contact me when they have concerns with their child’s development of:

Spoken language skills e.g.  not saying as many words as they should for their age, having difficulty learning words, combining words to make a sentence or remembering words.

Understanding language skills e.g.   difficulty understanding what you say to them, understanding routines or difficulty following instructions at home and in school.

Speech intelligibility e.g.   difficulties producing clear speech sounds e.g. not being able to say some words properly and people find it difficult to understand what your child is saying.

Social skills e.g.  child does not always respond to their name, has difficulties making eye contact, taking turns, expressing feelings/emotions, forming friendships and playing with other children.

Attention and listening skills e.g.   difficulties remembering information and following instructions and completing a task.

Stammer or stutter  e.g. when children repeat whole words, parts of words or sound when speaking

Voice e.g.   damaged vocal chords, persistent hoarse voice, voice change with audible breathing, speech and language therapists can help with voice therapy. Voice therapy is provided following a referral from an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist doctor.

If you have concerns about your child’s speech, language or communication development you can contact me to arrange an initial assessment appointment.




✉ speechtherapyffm@gmail.com

☎ 0176 3539 8420